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About Us

Our Mission

The primary mission of Global Classroom is to provide every learning organization, educator, teacher, professor and subject expert with a digital classroom that is affordable, easy to access, easy to use and can be accessed by their students, employees and customers using the Internet.

Our Vision

To accomplish our mission, Global Classroom has developed a "Classroom in the Clouds" for educators to access as a service.  Eliminating the need for software and hardware, Global Classroom's "Classroom in the Clouds" is affordable and easy to use.  Our vision is to provide eSchools and Digital Classrooms, world-wide, that include features and functions that build on collaboration and communication which can not be offered by companies that provide Learning Management System (LMS) Software as a server-based application.  Our goal is to completely differentiate the company based upon ease-of-use and new features and functions that can be added seamlessly every month to every new eSchool that joins the Global Classroom network.

Our Company

Launched in February 2006, Global Classroom provides any educator worldwide with the best way to connect to students using the Internet.  We are based in downtown Burlington, Vermont, overlooking beautiful Lake Champlain.  With employees also in New York and Pennsylvania and dozens of course authors and developers across the country, the Global Classroom team provides curriculum design and delivery, IT support, programming, marketing, and student services.