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Getting Your Girlfriend Back

by Sam Shane

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As a PUA or player, there will come a time when you will do something incredibly stupid. Either you’ll get a really big ego, take a girl for granted, and foolishly toss her aside, or you’ll get caught cheating on her. And then you’re going to realize the mistake you made and want that girl back. This post is geared towards men that did something assholish and lost the girl, and not men that loss the girl because he lacked a backbone. Just wanted to make that clear before we got started.

Alright, so you’ve been separated for awhile (or maybe you just got caught cheating), and you wanna know how to get her back. First off, let me say that if you know that you’re going to have sex with other mature women anyway, then you need to be honest about that from the onset of the relationship. That way, if you do have sex with someone else, she can’t use that against you. And don’t try to fool her. If she does take you back, she’s going to be extra sensitive to your daily routines and activities, and there’s a good chance that she’s going to pick up on if you’re cheating again.

Anyhow, if you want her back, then you need to make that first awkward phone call. If there was anything about you that she liked when you were together, then she’ll pick-up or return your call. When you call, just tell her that you want to talk to her about something and try to get her to meet up with you when it’s convenient for her. And if not, you’re just going to have to settle on talking to her over the phone.

Now that you’re having this important conversation, you need to make peace right away. Don’t try to place the blame on her, and don’t start an argument. You just need to admit that you were at fault, even if you did what you did because of something that she did (or wouldn‘t do). Trying to place blame and argue is why most mature men don’t get the girl back. If you really want to be with her, then you need to set your ego aside.

Once you apologize, she’s going to be more receptive to you, as she will be disarmed by your sudden show of humility. A lot of mature women are going to be hurt by your past actions, and now is the time to tell her how SPECIFICALLY good she is for you, and how much better she is than her competition. You also need to tell her how stupid you were for doing what you did. However, that’s not going to be enough. You need to be ready to reassure her that you’re a changed man by telling her SPECIFICALLY how you’re going to correct your past behaviors. A woman wants to feel like she really does mean a lot to you, and you show this by displaying how much effort and thought you put into getting her back.

To wrap up your conversation, don’t ask her to take you back. Just tell her that you were hoping that you could start over again, work on your issues, and see where things go. For her, this is a win-win situation. This gives her time to see if you really are a reformed man before she completely accepts you into her life again, and if you are, she gets the loyalty and devotion she wanted from you in the first place.

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